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Churches in the province of Groningen (Gr) pictorial index

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Bedum (Gr): reformed churchBedum (Gr): O.L. Vrouwe Hemelvaart (A. Tepe, 1880-1881)Bierum (Gr): reformed churchDoezum (Gr): reformed churchEenrum (Gr): reformed churchGarmerwolde (Gr): reformed churchGodlinze (Gr): reformed churchGroningen (Gr): Der Aa-kerkGroningen (Gr): St. Franciscus van Assisië (H.C. van de Leur, 1932-1934) Groningen (Gr): St. Jozef (P.J.H. Cuypers & J. Th. J. Cuypers, 1886-1887)Groningen (Gr): MartinikerkHaren (Gr): reformed churchHarkstede (Gr): reformed churchHolwierde (Gr): reformed churchKantens (Gr): reformed churchKloosterburen (Gr): St. Willibrordus (P.J.H. Cuypers, 1868-1869) Krewerd (Gr): reformed churchLeermens (Gr): reformed churchLoppersum (Gr): reformed churchMarsum (Gr): reformed churchMarum (Gr): reformed churchMiddelstum (Gr): reformed churchMidwolde (Gr): reformed church Niekerk (Gr): reformed churchNoordbroek (Gr): reformed churchNoordlaren (Gr): reformed churchNoordwolde (Gr): reformed churchNuis (Gr): reformed churchOldenzijl (Gr): reformed churchOnstwedde (Gr): reformed church or St. NicolaasOosterwijtwerd (Gr): reformed churchSappemeer (Gr): St. Willibrordus (P.J.H. Cuypers, 1872-1873) Siddeburen (Gr): reformed churchStedum (Gr): reformed churchTen Boer (Gr): reformed churchTer Apel (Gr): St. Willibrordus (A. Tepe, 1880-1881; W. te Riele, 1923-1924)Thesinge (Gr): reformed churchTjamsweer (Gr): reformed churchTolbert (Gr): reformed churchUithuizen (Gr): reformed churchUithuizen (Gr): St. Jacobus de Meerdere (J.F. Scheepers, 1858-1861)Uithuizermeeden (Gr): reformed churchWehe-Den Hoorn (Gr): St. Bonifatius (J.Th.J Cuypers & P. Cuypers jr., 1927)Winschoten (Gr): reformed church or St. VitusZeerijp (Gr): reformed churchZuidbroek (Gr): reformed church or St. Petrus


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