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Winschoten (Gr)





The reformed church, originally known as St. Vitus, was built in ca. 1275 and is in Romano-Gothic style. Part of its current appearance, including the western facade in the picture, is the result of a restoration by C.H. Peters in 1905-1907.






The tower stands at some distance from the church. Its lower part probably dates from the 13th century. The upper half dates from a restoration in 1930-1931 and is mostly of reinforced concrete.







The Roman Catholic St. Vitus is a three-aisled pseudo-basilica in neo-Gothic style designed by A. Tepe and built in 1880-1881. In 1900 the church was enlarged.






The Vennekerk is a typical example of a church as built for the protestant Gereformeerden congregation; a one-aisled building with a tower at the front, in a style that combines Gothic, Romanesque and Classical influences. This church was designed by J. van Lenning and built in 1901. In 1924 it was extended by Tj. Kuipers.


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