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Uithuizen (Gr)




The reformed church largely dates from the 13th century, although part of the tower is from the 12th century. In the late-18th century the church was extended with a side-aisle

Location: Hoofdstraat Oost 2







The St. Jacobus de Meerdere was the first neo-Gothic church built in the province. It was built in 1858-1861 and was designed by J.F. Scheepers.

Location: Hoofdstraat Werst 85






The gereformeerde kerk was designed by P.E. Marema and was built in 1866 in a more or less neo-Gothic style.

Location: Hoofdstraat Oost 18




The Mennonite church was built in 1868 and is in neo-Classical style. It was designed by an unknown architect.

Location: Mennonietenkerkstraat 12



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